We as people are the building blocks of all of our businesses and communities. We designed these products to help us all thrive together and to RISE TOGETHER.

Credit Boost for Consumers Program

We know everything starts with people. Our Personal Financial Products focus on offering alternatives to predatory products and to build skills and practices that begin to undo harm done by and dismantle systems that have  historically left some communities on the margins.

Smart Borrow

Introducing OHFI’s Smart Borrow Loan – the intelligent solution for consumers seeking an affordable alternative to payday loans, specifically designed for those with credit challenges. Our Smart Borrow program prioritizes simplicity, speed, and accessibility, ensuring a hassle-free borrowing experience for every client.

Key Features:
1. Affordability: Smart Borrow is crafted to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional payday loans, easing the financial burden for clients with credit issues.

2. Speedy Access: We understand the urgency of financial needs. With Smart Borrow, gain quick access to funds, ensuring a swift resolution to your financial challenges.

3. Credit-Friendly: Tailored for clients with credit issues, Smart Borrow focuses on your current financial situation rather than dwelling on the past. We believe in fair opportunities for everyone.

4. Easy Application: Borrow smart with our straightforward application process. Save time and stress with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire borrowing journey.

Choose OHFI’s Smart Borrow Loan for a smarter, faster, and more accessible way to address your financial needs. We’re committed to helping you navigate through challenges and achieve financial well-being.

Payday Loan Rescue

Introducing OHFI’s Payday Loan Rescue – your lifeline for escaping the clutches of high-interest payday loans. Crafted especially for clients grappling with credit challenges, our Payday Loan Rescue program offers a swift, accessible, and credit-friendly solution.

Key Features:

1. Refinance Relief: Say goodbye to sky-high interest rates! OHFI’s Payday Loan Rescue is your ticket to refinancing, providing a more manageable and affordable repayment plan.

2. Credit-Considerate: We understand that credit issues shouldn’t be a roadblock to financial relief. Our program is tailored to consider your current financial status, offering a fair chance for those facing credit challenges.

3. Speedy Access: Time is of the essence, and we prioritize your urgency. Access funds quickly with our streamlined process, ensuring a rapid escape from the payday loan cycle.

4. Easy Accessibility: Navigating financial challenges should be straightforward. With OHFI’s Payday Loan Rescue, experience an easy and accessible application process, designed to bring you financial ease without unnecessary complications.

Choose OHFI’s Payday Loan Rescue to refinance your payday loans intelligently, gain control over your finances, and pave the way to a brighter, credit-friendly future. Fast, easy, and accessible – because your financial rescue should be as simple as it is effective.

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